John Dibbs - Photography & Consultancy

Breathtaking air-to-air photography for the aerospace, military and publishing sectors

Whether you're a military squadron looking for an innovative air-to-air photographer, an aircraft marketing executive seeking a stunning image portfolio or an editor wishing to capture your readers attention with a strikingly different cover image: contact John Dibbs at The Plane Picture Company today.


 "I have flown with many fine air-to-air photographers in recent years but undoubtedly John Dibbs is the Grand Master. His photos are "head and shoulders" the best in his genre and he is the consummate professional to work with. The results speak for themselves." Peter Teichman, Hangar 11 Collection

"Working with Dibbsy is like working with another fighter pilot: a professional expert in his field, who always strives for perfection and works to improve his skills on every mission. His depth of experience and level of professionalism made him an easy fit with a modern fighter squadron." Lt. Col. Robert "Cricket" Renner, USAF (ret.)

“John is undoubtedly the best photographer in his specialized area and is supported by an excellent back-up team.” Andy Patsalides, Design Management, British Airways PLC.